Adult Introductory Lessons

For an adult picking up the sticks for the first time, I couldn’t recommend Dave more highly. He takes a highly personal approach to teaching, investing time up front to understand your motivations for learning the drums, as well as the types of music you are interested in. All in all, I’ve loved my experience learning the drums from scratch with Dave!

Prash, 26


People come to an instrument at different points in life and it can be equally exciting and rewarding, whenever that time is.

Perhaps you’re just starting out, have played another instrument but desire to feel the raw energy of the drums, or simply want to rediscover your chops. Making good, quality progress on an instrument is possible at any stage.

I would very much like to hear about your passion for music and drumming, as an understanding of your musical aspirations is essential in helping you achieve your goals quickly and in a focussed way. It’s pretty common for some drummers not to have had the time to work on their technique, so bad habits may have formed. Through close attention to detail and focussed practise I’ve helped people develop their technique and take their playing to the next level. When I first took lessons no one really impressed upon me the importance of good technique and that’s something I have since gone back and learnt. That is why I take showing students proper technique very seriously in my teaching. Other common issues include timekeeping and rhythmical ideas for playing more interesting and varied fills.

There are tuition resources on the internet, DVDs and books, but working with a good teacher on a one to one basis is invaluable as you will receive personalised guidance, feedback and focus on your progression. Together we can create an individually tailored programme that is accessible and fun that fits around your schedule with focussed practise exercises to help you achieve your goals.



‘I’m a very late starter in drumming. Dave is patient and his methods are effective and first class. Through Dave’s thorough guidance, I have now completed grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. I’m very proud of this achievement as it’s late in life, and I owe a lot to Dave’s guidance. Lessons are varied, adaptable and very constructive.’

Yasser, 49


‘I asked Dave for help with holding tempo and warm-ups. He gave me practical and straightforward advice that helped me improve my technique. Dave is approachable, helpful and enthusiastic and always a pleasure to work with.’

Martin, 51


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