Buying Gear & Resources


Here I will periodically post links to resources such as shops, forums and events that I have found useful and hopefully you will too.



Acoustic/Electric drums, cymbals and accessories.

I have found the GAK (Guitar and Keyboard) shop to be among the most competitive and reliable for purchasing drum related gear. They have a shop down in Brighton but also have a good, large range for purchase online.
Click here for their online shop.

You have to be a little careful buying second had gear (especially cymbals), but generally there are a lot of great deals out there and you can save quite a bit of money. Of course, eBay is the go to place for second hand gear. While you will find items on other drum-selling forums, they all tend to turn up on eBay anyway. If you want to purchase something from eBay and would like any advice, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Books and learning resources:

Books and learning resources are most readily available at the usual online retailers, but if you want to go and browse material, I have found that Musicroom on Denmark Street and Yamaha Music London on Wardour Street, both in the centre of London, have great drum music/tuition resources departments.


Video and Audio:

There is plenty of material available on youtube, so check it out! However, another of my favourite websites is drummerworld. It has bios, pictures and loads of video and audio of many great drummers. A great place to get inspired!


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