Next Level Students



‘Dave has really helped a lot with grooving and timing and has really helped me improve as a drummer.’

Ife, 14


Working hard to take your drumming to the next level can be an exciting, yet sometimes frustrating time.

As you grow as a drummer and musician so too does your awareness and your aspirations. You may start looking at top players with a greater desire to reach that level, but feel that progress to get there can be a struggle. What separates us from the drummers we wish could play like?

You may feel like your drumming has reached a ceiling; playing the same bunch of fills and grooves, getting frustrated at not having the speed you’d like to, not being sure how to play that great beat or fill in your favourite song.

A common problem that stops students from taking their drumming to the next level is technique. By learning good technique you’ll find that you’re able to move around the drum kit with much greater speed, accuracy and flow and you’ll develop the ability to learn a whole load of new grooves and fills.

By learning and using good technique, together we can build a specific practise programme, including looking at songs and different drumming styles, reading drum notation, rudimental studies and expanded rhythmical work to move your playing forward, allowing you to reach your goals more quickly in a focussed yet fun way.

If you want to become a great drummer, knowing your instrument well is a must, but so too is developing your awareness and understanding of its role within music – so developing good listening skills, stylistic and performer awareness, as well as your own position as a performer, will be central to your learning.


‘I think that Dave has helped me develop my skills as a drummer a huge amount faster than I would have alone, especially in the areas of syncopated rhythms/beats and using the entire drum kit experimentally.’

Abe, 13


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